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"Louise and I do owe you a huge thank–you for doing such a great job looking after Collin and Cameron. Thanks for your help in raising our children."

"This is not 'Good–bye' but a big 'Thank–you' for taking such good care of both Collin and Cameron. Finding good homecare for your children, where you can leave them feeling comfortable and loved, is a challenge, and we are so lucky to have had you all. All the best, Sharron, and PLEASE keep in touch!"
...Louise, wife of Ken

"Thank you so much for being such a great caregiver! You have been an important part of Ashley's life, and for that, we will always be grateful, and consider you a special person in our lives!!"
...Heather & Curtis

"We are so grateful for the way that you care for our girls. Thank you for sharing your generous and loving spirit with us."
...John David & Sheilah

"Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment, support, and great care of Collin (and Cameron, too). Moving on is hard for many reasons, and I know any success Collin experiences will be a result of your influence and caregiving."
...Louise, Ken, Collin & Cameron

"This past year has been truly without incident (the ones we like to avoid). You've been a lifesaver, and we can't tell you how much you've been appreciated. David has been so content and happy with you in this, his first and very important year. What he has gleaned from his time with you will remain a part of him forever. Stay in touch – you know we will. Take care and God bless." P.S. – Thanks for everything. You don't know how much you will be missed."
...Abe & Michelle

"Thank you very very much for being there for us during the last 2 1/2 years! We consider you a central part of our growing family." Thanks for caring for Meggie so amazingly well."
...Janet, Jack, Meggie & Rachel

"Thank you very much for my lovely blanket and gift set. It is really pretty. Meaghan is a wonderful big sister, and I love playing with her. I will come and visit you soon."
...Jennelle & Meaghan

"Thank you for all your kindness and support. We are doing well, and hopefully, we'll get some more sleep soon."

"Both Danny and I can't thank you enough for just being there. Everything was very calm, but there was great potential for many variables, and your flexibility was very comforting! You have no idea how important it is for both of us. ... Treat yourself during this busy season!"
...Jeanie, Danny, McKinley, Logan, & Bridger

"Words cannot possibly express how thankful we are to you for the last five years. You are so wonderful, caring, and kind that I never once worried about Azhia in your care. Please accept this "garden angel", as she reminds me of you – our own angel, the angel of children."
...Colette, Kevin & Azhia

"Words cannot adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for Sara. She loves you very much and has learned a lot during her two years with you. You are a wonderful caregiver; thank you!"
...Janice, Sam, Adam, & Sara

"Thanks for all your support in the past couple of years. We wish you all the best in the future."
...Bonnie & Beckham

"Our three-year-old was an extrememly picky eater, and mealtime had become a stressful experience and a battle of wills! His lack of appetite had become such a worry to us that we had consulted our doctor, family, friends, and books; we felt we had tried everything. Sharron advised us and worked directly with our son. The difference has been amazing! Food is no longer an issue, and our son seems to have found his appetite. He is thriving, and we are very thankful to Sharron for all of her help!"

"Sharron, over the past five years, has used her skills and abilities to bring new clients to R&B Construction. She is very good at organizing clients and making contact with each one to reassure them that they are in good hands." The efforts she has made to R&B Construction has resulted in us being a better and more professional company."

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